Red Roselle Hibiscus Jamaican Sorrel, Florida cranberry, Flor de Jamaica Starter Plants


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These plants are well established and over 12″ tall in fiber pots ready to be planted in your food forest. This beautiful heirloom bush is fun and easy to grow. It produces edible leaves, flowers, seeds and fruit calyces. The taste is similar to cranberries; it has a crisp and refreshing flavor. You can add leaves to fresh salads for an extra zing. The fruit calyx is commonly used to make a healthy tea / Kool aid which is filled with antioxidants and has a gorgeous maroon color. The fruit is also used to make delicious Thanksgiving cranberry sauces, jellies, simple syrups, cordials and more. This plant produces a continuous cycle of fruit calyxes from spring through fall.

They can grow 3’ in diameter and up to 7’ in height. They require average watering and prefer full sun to part shade. They are frost tender. However, once the fruit calyx opens the seeds can either be eaten or stored for next years planting. Cutting back the bush increases branching for a bushy plant.

Red Roselle Hibiscus is known by many names Jamaican Sorrel, Florida cranberry, Flor de Jamaica. It is native to central and west Africa, even though it is grown around the world.

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