Our Nursery

We sell many types of tropical fruit trees offering family favorites such as dwarf varieties of mango and avocado that can easily be grown in containers as well as introducing more exotic tropical fruit tree varieties such as miracle fruit and the ice cream bean tree. Browse our nursery selection of stocked items like passion fruit, guava, soursop, jackfruit, jaboticaba, sapodilla, sugar apple, fig and starfruit. We can also special order items for you upon request. Our nursery is open by appointment only please call for a time. 

At Jessie’s Tropical Fruit Farm we specialize in hard to find dragon fruit varieties that have pink, red, and purple inside flesh from highly sought after varieties like Delight, Purple Haze, Physical Graffiti, Dark Star, American Beauty, Lisa, Maria Rosa and Robles Red. We sell fresh dragon fruit in season and cuttings of the plants so you can enjoy growing your own delicious nutritious fruit at home. 

We grow a variety of fruit such as delicious possum purple passion fruit, pink and white guava, soursop, jackfruit, miracle fruit, sapodilla, sugar apple, mango and starfruit. On a smaller scale we also farm some unique varieties of tropical fruits like the ice cream bean, jaboticaba, cacao, jujube plum, longan and Barbados cherry. Our goal is to be able to bring the taste of the tropics to you. We sell fresh tropical fruit when they are in season. Sign up for our news letter to stay informed on when we are harvesting fresh fruit so you can get your pre order in before they are gone.