Tropical Fruit Tree Needs

Here is a list of tropical trees that we offer. If you have a specific tree you are looking for contact us we will special order it for you. This chart shows how tall and wide our tropical trees grow, along with what their water and sun requirements are so you can plan out your garden and maximize space sun and irrigation. Keep in mind our mango and avocado tree varieties are dwarf versions that can easily be grown in containers and maintained inside your lanai within the sizes listed on the chart. Not all mango and avocado trees are dwarf varieties and can easily grow up to 100′ if left unpruned, be sure to check out the variety before buying. The University of Florida offers free classes on how to take care of your tropical trees, contact your local extension office to sign up. UF has beneficial videos that you can watch on how to care for your tropical trees, search for Tropical Fruit Tuesdays on YouTube they have a nice list of classes already recorded including how to prune your tropical trees to get the most fruit possible providing good airflow all while keeping your tree healthy and strong. Happy planting!!